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The side by side frig is having an issue. The ice maker is not working. The status lights when having the freezer door open. And holding the left most white flapper held down. The status led on the right flashes twice and then one second off. And then repeats two flashes also having a second spacing. Blinking.

I have checked the valve seloniod the one to the water works when one pushes the water handle down it puts 5vdc across the seloniod and it makes the water flow.

On the same valve there is another seloniod for the ice maker. It seems that one is not getting a voltage applied.

As a check. I swapped the water glass seloniod connector with the ice maker seloniod input. They were not interchangeable due to the connector types so I simply held it implace to the ice maker seloniod and had someone type to fill a glass of water. As soon as I did that the seloniod activated the pump and water was successfully flowing out of the ice maker feed line.

I then buzzed out the original ice maker seloniod wiring successfully back to the top of the ice maker.

That tell me the wiring is good to that point. If I disconnect the inline connector that will disconnect the ice tray itself.

It is clear to me that the ice maker tray is not turning on the water valve to the ice maker. It is either in the tray itself or the control led beam. I tried to use a camera to see the flashes of the infrared transmitter In doing that I did not see a beam which would suggest te transmitter may be bad. The control board on the right side was removed. No visable scoring was detected on the board. Can someone help.

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