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Default Bosch Dishwasher runs excessively long in Regular Wash cycle

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My Bosch Dishwasher, Model # SHU9955US/14 (Purchased from Sears) recently started running excessively long during the wash cycle. This machine is about 10+ years old and has run perfectly until now!

When I start the machine on regular wash, the time displays many more minutes than the normal 100 minutes used for the normal wash cycle and take even longer to complete the cycle.

I have taken the door assembly apart to inspect the electrical components and have initially concluded the control module to be the most likely problem.

I really appreciated reading the numerous postings on this forum, that also conclude with changing the control module. This is too costly a part to just purchase a replacement to see what happens.

Upon further searching the internet, I found a proceedure to put the dishwasher in a "Test Mode" by pressing 2 contol buttons: Wash & Power Scrub Plus, simutaenously. Fault code are supossed to illuminate on the digital display to indicate if there is a problem with a sensor, etc. The code/faults chart is as follows:

0 = no errors
1 = a water sensor/ filling fault
2 = a heating fault
4 = a water filling fault
8 = a temperature sensor fault

My intent is to reassemble the dishwasher door enough to run the machine through this test cycle to determine if a fault is diagnoses. My electrical & electronic background still leads me to suspect the control module, but I will approach this repair with an open mind.

Additionally, I was advised by Bosch to run a wash cycle with only a bowl of vinegar set in the bottom rack, face up. They stated that this cleans any film on the various sensors to assure their proper function.

I will post my troubleshhooting finding and repairs needed conclusion after I have completed the above procedures.

DRA (Doug)

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