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Originally Posted by hectorabuyen View Post
My LG dishwasher keeps showing an "IE" error code which pertains to water not entering the machine. I just replaced the inlet valve and it still shows the error code. I tried purging the air by filling the tub manually with water and it worked for a complete rinse cycle, but showed the error again during the last rinse of the normal cycle. I know that there is a guide assembly which has the float and two micro switches that I haven't checked. I am puzzled why it works intermittently. What should I check. Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

Let me know if you found the problem. LG LDF6810BB is doing the same thing. I replaced the inlet valve and the guide assembly (Float assembly with Air Breaker) on side of machine, but it still gives error IE or 1E.
I installed a new supply hose, I know there is water to the intake valve.
Funny thing is the owners manual states that this IE error occurs when the DW has run for 10 minutes and the fill level has not been reached.
The IE error comes on and machine stops AFTER ONLY 1 MINUTE of the cycle.
Any help?
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