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Default Frigidaire Ice/Water dispenser has no power

Check door safety switch ( light switch ), loose/off wire, ribbon cable for front buttons off/loose, bad board. Well, I did find out that the light bulb was broke off up inside of the dispenser, I replaced it and there is still no power to the door or the light. So it looks like when the light bulb blew out (before I owned it) a small fuse in behind the dispenser panel had blown. After removing all the tiny screwe and the removal of entire front panel I found this little dead fuse. I had to take a butter knife to pry the box open where the ribbon cable plugs in. In there you will see a tiny fuse. Test it! After replacing that fuse everything is working fine. I presume this fuse is a safety feature to prevent electrical shocks because that dispenser panel carries 120v into it. Next to all of that 120volts is flowing water and a light bulb. I hope this helps you.

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