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Sorry but we are just going in circles.

You said the solenoid pulls down. Correct?
If yes then it is working.

You said the pump runs and washes. Correct?
If yes then it is working.

You said that it runs through the cycle. Correct?
If yes then we at least know that the timer motor is OK.

If the unit washes and during a drain cycle the solenoid pulls down and the flapper valve moves to the drain position and the motor is running.
Is this what happens?
If yes then there is a plug in the drain system.

I am sorry but I just do not get it.
If the tub is full of water and the overfill switch is deactivated (float up) and then you start another cycle. Then I do not know how it takes in more water when it is already full unless it is at least pumping out some water but you said it is not pumping out water.
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