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Default Ice Maker Not Working

I'm the guy that posted about the inoperative icemaker on KitchenAid Model # KSRP25FNSS00 above. I changed the optics kit per Gene's suggestion but the unit still does not produce ice.

I troubleshot using the Job Aid for the In-Door Ice System and the optics test was good, jumpered the motor and that checked good, inspected fill tube for ice (used a hairdryer and even inserted a looped piece of wire and found no obstruction).

It appears as if the problem is there is no water fill into the ice maker so I'm thinking it may be a defective water valve, but wanted to first check with you before I order another part on a hunch (the water dispenser in the door works fine but the ice maker gets no water -- what are your thoughts)?

To further troubleshoot the water valve, can I simply "swap" the electrical connectors (after unplugging), then re-power up and depress the door water dispenser to see if the ice tray fills? I'm thinking this should enable me to see if the valve that send water to the ice maker is in-fact stuck closed or if it works I would think it's another electrical part (not sure where to go if it still doesn't work)? Any suggestions as well as the training guide (pdf manual) to troubleshoot and replace the water valve is appreciated.

One final question: I inspected the water valve to make sure the electrical connectors were proroperly installed and both were good. However, I was looking at how to disconnect the water lines and couldn't figure it out. My valve is blue plastic and has a black collar on each line. Am I to depress these black collars to disengage the lines? Again, any assistance you can provide is much appreciated.

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