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All of the other components with relays were indicated as R and the lighting circuit had what looked like a relay marked as PH.

I pulled the board and PH apparently equals SSR solid state relay. Specifically a samsung S201DH2. The relay coupled with a Samwha svc 271-14 varistor is apparently what controls the current output to the lighting circuit for the 2 brightness settings.

I couldn't get any continuity through the varistor so I figured it might be dead. When I jumper around it my lights come on bright. Still no on/off function and no dim/bright (which I figured the varistor would be used for anyway).

Still not sure if I have a bad varistor, SSR or bad control input to the SSR. I found a pretty close varistor for around $2 from mouser and ******** has the SSRs for around $4. Guess I'll have to play with it some more-
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