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I checked the air flow too, I just did not know what it should be. I had flow, it did increase when the freezer door was opened, however, I did not think it changed significantly. Our temp have been staying in the high 30's to mid 40's at the highest setting. We have kept the our light bulb out since last night. I did order a control broad based on the information listed in the internet articles. I am not 100% confident it will solve the problem either.
Compressor seems to be running
Compressor fans seems to be running
Evaporator fans seems to be running, based on the air flow in both compartments, assuming its the fan that provides that flow.

According to the article there are know issues with the Factory control broad with symptom as follows

* Buzzing of click noise coming from the back of the Fridge.
* No cooling in the Refrigerator but the freezer works properly
* No LED display at the temperature selectors
* Improved performance when bulb is removed
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