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Default maytag neptune washer


If the machine was sounding like a jet plane taking off when in high speed spin cycle then the bearings need replaced. It is possible the spinner support or spider is loose or broken. See Neptune Bearing for more information on how to change your Neptune bearings and seal.

It is best to catch the failing bearings early to prevent damage to the spinner support shaft so it can be reused. There is a special tool kit you can rent to shave time off of the repair at the above mentioned site.

To drain the non digital Neptune's you can rotate the timer and find settings that will power up the pump. Now if your talking about the sloshing sound you hear when you turn the inner tub by hand then that is the balance ring which has liquid in it and is part of the balancing system. You want that liquid in there...

Faulty wax motor issue: If your machine has a timer knob you will want to replace the door latch wax motor if it is the original one because it will fail and damage your machine control board. Every Neptune shipped with the faulty wax motor except some 2000 stackers. Maytag redesigned the wax motor and the new device has a black actuator tip. See Neptune Help for details. The digital Neptune's use a solenoid instead of the wax motor to lock the door.

In addition, the MAH3000's with serial numbers starting with 10 - 25 have 2 more wax motors in the soap dispenser that need to be replaced as well. These control the bleach and softener flows. If you don't use the bleach or softener then you can unplug these. When either of these wax motors short out the machine will trip the circuit breaker because these wax motors have direct access to the power cord via contacts in the timer.

Photo below shows the door latch with new wax motor (w/ black actuator tip)
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