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Originally Posted by acooney View Post
About a week ago the temperature in the oven started working inconsistantly, then the control panel showed error message Sab5. We unplugged the unit and plugged back in, which did nothing. We tried the broiler, which worked fine and still does. The stove top burners also work but the oven at best only heated up to 320, when set at 350. Not sure if is the control panel or something else.

If, you don't have any other fail codes, and you did not do a Self clean cycle just before this occurred, you may want to try and recalibrate the control.
" To adjust the oven temperature:
1. Press the Bake pad.
2. Enter 550
by pressing the appropriate number pads.
3. Press and hold the Bake pad for several seconds or until
appears in the display.
If the oven temperature was previously adjusted, the
change will be displayed. For example, if the oven temperature
was reduced by 15
the display will show -15.
4. Press the Autoset 0 pad to adjust the temperature.
Each time the Autoset pad 0 is pressed, the temperature
changes by 5
. The oven temperature can be increased or
decreased by 5
to 35.
Pressing the Autoset 0 pad will first cycle through increasing
the oven temperature (5, 10, . . . 35). Continuing to
press the Autoset 0 pad will then cycle through decreasing
the oven temperature (-35, -30, . . . -5).
5. The time of day will automatically reappear in the display.
You do not need to readjust the oven temperature if there is a
power failure or interruption. Temperature adjustment applies
to Bake, Convect Bake and Convect Roast (select models)

only. Broiling and cleaning temperatures cannot be adjusted."

But first you need to verify your oven temperature : set an accurate thermometer in the center of the oven cavity, pre heat the oven at 400 dgrs. for 15 to 20 minutes. Allow the oven to cycle at least three times after the preheat cycle. Average the three temperatures. Then calibrate the control accordingly.

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