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Originally Posted by pdl2 View Post

Thanks, do you know best/highest rated 1.6 cf microwaves? What do i need to know when looking for a new one? Just the dimensions? How are they usually attached? Mine is above the stove, connected to a cabinet above. I can feel to screws inside the cabinet. Is there a bracket holding the microwave, that it can just slide out? Do plugs come with the new microwave? can you attach the old one? By feel, I dont think I can pull the plug through the hole that's in the cabinet right now. The microwave came with the house ( modular ), so I dont know if they built everything around the microwave or what they did.

Most microwaves are all the same, inside, and out. They all pretty much use the same mounting system(wall mount plate and two screws through the bottom of the cabinet shelf) like your present unit.
The major concern, should be capacity and wattage, any 1.5 or larger cavity, and a wattage of 1000 to 1500 watts would be the best options, and the rest would be based on your preferrences. Any major appliance dealer or "Big Box" home improvement center or store will have something you'll be pleased with, and changeout will be a breeze.

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