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Default wall oven hdoor hinge repair

Originally Posted by pastorapodaca View Post
My oven door will not shut close it keeps falling out. I ordered new hinges and need to know how to repair it.
thank you
I can't speak for your model, but I had a problem with a GE wall oven hinge which had a broken plastic roller which made it difficult to close the oven door.

I bought new hinges, but could not find any help in how to replace them.

I finally had to call a repairman, who fixed the problem, but at an outrageous cost.

He partially removed the oven by removing the right and left plastic molding trim. Then he removed the broiler and the top and bottom molding trim.

He removed the oven door and pulled the oven out about 9", i.e., just about the tipping point. This exposed the side access panels which he removed by unscrewing the retaining screws. Next, he detached the hinge spring and fastened it to the side of the oven. Next, he removed the three screws holding the hinge to the oven wall. The old hinge was removed, the new hinge installed, the spring reattached to the new hinge, the cover plate reattached to the side of the oven and the oven reinstalled.

I don't know if this will help you, but anyone with a JGRS14GEP should find this of help.
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