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Hello, I have a Frididaire that trips the thermal limiter every 6-8 months.I have cleaned the vent system (below the lint sceen,and vent pipe)The exterior vent has good presure when the dryer is running,it is a 2000 year has done this consistantly for 7 years.I have been told that there is a washer kit to install on this model that creates a larger air gap between the heat element and back part of the unit is this what i need to do to correct this problem? And are thermal limiters self reseting or one time use? Thank you in advance. Dan.
I double checked the model number and it is FDE436RES2. (SORRY) I just recleaned the lint trap area and duct work before the blower and after the trap, there was some lint build up but not exsessive.I also cleaned the screen trap with dish soap/warm water and a scrub brush to remove any dryer sheet residue. It seems to cycle fine so i would think the thermostat is ok.

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