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Default Water dispenser and interior lights started working sometimes "Results"

It appears the problem with the lights and water dispenser was the electrical connection at the wall receptacle/plug. As I removed the cover to check for any loose connections at the control board I notice the plug basically had no resistance. Plus, almost any movement would make the lights come on or go off. I spreaded the prongs slightly to get good resistance and contact. I had checked this earlier but d/n notice how loose the connection was. All has worked well for 3 days now. BUT! Why would the compressor and Etc continue to run when the Lights and dispenser were off at times? My wife alerted me that the compressor was not always on when the lights were not and I told her that could be normal. Until I noticed the compressor come on 2-3 times with the lights. I knew it was time to get busy looking or call for service.

Thanks for your comments and opinions. jow
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