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Originally Posted by jbarker View Post
I have the subject blender, the rubber coupling drive is breaking and needs replacing. Does anyone know if it just pops off with some lever action or there is another mechanism for removing/reinstalling it? Model is KSB5.
Instruction Sheet for KitchenAid Blender Coupling Drive Installation

1) Unplug Blender
2) With blender facing you, insert flat blade screwdriver (3/8 to 7/16 inch) between the black coupling drive and the blender housing.
3) Raise up on the screwdriver to turn the coupling drive clockwise (it is a left hand thread so the coupler keeps tight during use). Keep making turns until the coupling drive comes off. Do not worry about bending the old coupling drive. You are going to throw it away.
4) There is a flat spot on the blender shaft and construction of a flat tool is possible, but not necessary.
5) Check the threads on the blender shaft and clean the old metal shavings from the threads. Hand tighten the new coupling drive. It will be kept tight during normal use due to the left hand thread design and the clockwise spinning of the blades.
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