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Default gas dryer intermittently heats
Brand: Whirlpool   Age: More than 10 years   

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Have a whirlpool dryer that intermittently would heat and then not, and then nothing at all. We purchased a new/used dryer off craigslist, now a Kenmore and it is doing the same thing, They both don't get HOT, have to run clothes more than 1 cycle on high heat to dry. And the 2nd seems to be heading toward the dead side like the first. The Kenmore is quite new maybe 3 years old. Our old one was > 15yrs. Both are GAS dryers. Is it possible they both have the same bad part or is it our gas supply?

The house runs on gas for the instant hot water on demand, the stove, and furnace. We have not had issues with these appliances.

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