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Default Replacing GE w/Insinkerator?
Model Number: GFC1000Y-02   Brand: GE   Age: More than 10 years   

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My project for the day was to replace a GE garbage disposal, model GFC1000Y-02, with an Insinkerator Evolution Premier. If original to the house, which I'm guessing, the GE is about 18 years old. I was going to replace with another GE, but the local stores don't carry that brand...of course.

Now that I have removed the GE disposal, I see that the mounting unit is totally different than the new one. I don't have a clue how to remove the GE mount -- or if it's even possible to replace it with the Insinkerator mount.

Would you recommend returning the Insinkerator and buying a GE so I can keep the same mount? I see that my GE model has been replaced by model GFC720F. If not, how can I remove the GE mount?

Thanks for your help! I'm new to the home improvement game and was really excited about doing this.

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