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Cool Whirlpool washer thumping and shaking during spin?

I have about a 6 year old Whilrpool LSQ9110PW0 direct drive washer that I recently purchased used. I bought this kind of washer due to the fact that my mom has a 95 model that has been awesome and a breeze to work on when minor things need replaced.
Mine has a similar thumping problem in the spin cycle where it shakes the tub in this rhytmic, repetitive pattern and creates a thumping sound that goes along with the shaking. It is not severe yet the machine sits in my kitchen and is annoying. Plus I know this kind of direct drive type machine can run flawlessly due to the example of my moms for years.
I have checked the springs and pads which seem fine. I took the basket out to check the drive block which seems fine. The balance ring also has the water in it. The welds are all fine on the basket.

MY thought is that maybe the shaft that turns the basket is not completely straight, thus causing an out of balance repetitive balance issue during the spin cycle.

-Can these shafts get bowed or slightly bent if someone has overloaded the machine?

-Are the shafts for the transmissions machined to be perfectly straight or do they have some occasional issues with being slightly bent or bowed when made?

-Could the basket itself have an out of balance issue due to a manufacturing flaw?

I would lean toward it being a problem with a slightly bowed or bent shaft on the transmission, yet I don't want to spend $200 to test this theory

Has anyone replaced a transmission for this problem and had it be solved? My fear from some of the post that I seen and read is that this can be an occasional problem with these type of machines and that some my consider this to be just the nature of the beast. Yet I still lean toward thinking that the shafts on these style of machine are not, or have not been being made to very stringent tolearance as far as the shaft being straight. So it you happen to get a transmission with a shaft that is a bit bowed then this problem will occur.

Your thoughts?

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