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Originally Posted by Gene View Post
The LED blinks four times when a mode shifter error is detected.

Try to reset the error code. Unplug the washer for a few minutes. Reconnect the power and open and close the lid 10 times within 12 seconds.

If it would not help then remove the shifter coil plug (the only plug with the two wires) from the inverter and check the resistance across these two wires. Normal reading suppose to be about 98 Ohms.

If the coil is open, the mode shifter assembly must be replaced.

If the reading is correct, replace the motor assembly. for some models the motor assembly has to be replaced together with the mode shifter assembly.

If you need the correct part numbers, post the complete model number of the washer and the motor part number from the motor inverter top cover. If there are no labels, check the label on the motor itself.

Gene, I wanted to thank you...I had a clogged pump, which I think led to the machine shutting down prematurely. After I unclogged the pump, it would do everything but agitate. After resetting the machine by unplugging for a few minutes, then plugging in and opening/closing the lid 10 times in 12 seconds, we are back in business!
thank you!!!
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