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Default Worked for GE WBVH6240FWW using part number WH08X10036

Great post, thanks for the detailed instructions!

When I ordered the door gasket from a local parts shop, their system pulled up the part number WH08X10036 would fit my model washer.

My first time to replace the boot, so it took at least 4-5 hrs. Most of the time was trying to get to the screw on the inner ring.

I tried the suggestion of using needle nose pliers and 1/4 drill extension with 1/4 phillips head, but I couldn't get a good angle with my model washer. I think part of the suspension mechanism was in the way.

Went to Lowes and found a GearWrench MicroDriver. Spent a while trying different positions and extensions until I was able to get something that worked.

Removing the lower access panel lets you have one arm from underneath to work the wrench, and the other arm from the front to keep pressure on the screw. It was slow and frustrating because of the limited space, but eventually the screw is loose enough that you can turn it with your fingers, and get the boot off.

I also spent a lot of time using the old damaged boot to do some "practice runs" of re-seating and lining up the gasket. The part seems pretty durable, but I was paranoid about ripping the new one by accident.

Thanks again for this post, it was a life saver!
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