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Originally Posted by Merlis View Post
My 2 year old front load washer stopped doing the high speed spin a couple of days ago. It goes through all the motions, but when it comes to the final spin/drain cycle, it will only drain.

I made sure all doors were closed, tried to wash several different loads to make sure that it wasn't an unbalanced load or too light/heavy. Still no luck.

I found the tech data sheet inside the machine, followed the instructions, and brought up the error code E43 (control board problem/replace board). I replaced the board and it still won't spin. New board still shows E43.

I next ran through the diagnostic test. All the functions worked including the high speed spin and door lock test. I also checked the drain boot and it wasn't clogged.

Why does the high speed spin work in the diagnostic mode, but won't work on any wash cycles? What's wrong with this thing? I don't want to manually make it spin every wash load. Please help, getting frustrated!
I have the same problem as you except my code is E47 Board thinks door latch circuit is open. Did you ever find a solution?
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