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Default GE Washer Top load water leak from above tranny

I just dissembled this GE top loading washer and replace everything (transmission bearing (plastic washer) outer tub bearing (brass sleeve, siliconed it in), main rubber tub seal, washer (with square hole), and both inner and outer bearing for the metal hub to ride in. This was to repair a leak that began ONLY once aggitation begins. Fortunatley I installed a leak pan as well and it still leaks from above transmission at outer tub bearing sleeve. Of course I am looking for inspiration here, but just a few things I thought about during the repair.

* the hub in the outer tub does not appear to be sitting flush on the plastic transmission bearing. I did silicone-rtv the new hub in place in the outer tub.
* There is a gap above the new outer tub rubber seal, I also siliconed the ouside of this to the outer tub and greased the inner lip to the tranny shaft. Nothing "sits on this gasket to keep it in place so to speak.
*the tub only begins dripping once aggitation has begun.
*Everything frictional got some synthetic grease and I did not cheap out on the hub nut wrench. I have the right one and it is very tight (hammered wrench a few times to lock it down, but I think the leak is lower. or right where that nut sits.
* could it be leaking into the tranny shaft where the aggitation section seals to the solid shaft section? New tranny or more silicone where the shaft exits from the other shaft?

Thanks In advance.

Joe M.

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