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Thank you for your help! I sure do appreciate it.

I am following your advice and working to remove the inner tub. I am following the instructions posted here:

I have removed the front panel, unscrewed and lifted the top cover with lid, disconnected the water tube on left side of top cover, removed the metal band from around the tub, removed the agitator screw and removed the agitator. I can lift up the tub crown (tub cover/lid) but have not yet removed it because I have not yet disconnected the injector tube.

So I am at Step 10. It appears that this is the step where I really become committed because I have to: 1) buy parts - the spanner wrench, and 2) most likely break the spanner nut to remove it. In another forum, it was suggested to me that I need a bearing and seal overhaul, which I believe is performed using the same set of instructions. So I need more advice. Can a semi-intelligent, semi-mechanical woman complete this job, or does it take a lot of muscle/strength? (go ahead, make your jokes!) Also, is it worth it on a washing machine this old? (Or a woman this old? haha!) Will I be able to remove the spanner nut so that I can remove the inner basket?

Here are photos showing current status:

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