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Default ice maker auger dive bracket stripped on frigidaire gallery FRS24WSCB1

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I used to get an ice dam at the base of my icemaker tray,because of some overflow of the water when the ice maker was filling. this dam would freeze around the auger and precvent it from turning. I would have to remove the ice dam and all would be fine. Over time I figured out that the overflow was due to a tipped down ice maker unit (how or why I don't know), but I remedied it by shimming with wood shims between the wall of the freezer and the maker itself, thus leveling it. No more ice damn!

Too little too late, however. It appears that over time the auger drive behind the removable ice tray is now stripped or something, as it just spins freely when it meets with any resistance. It likely occured from the motor drive turning and the auger frozen in position. The motor turns fine, but the engaging bracket stays stationary and does not turn with the drive shaft when it meets resistance (hand, pliers, ice tray auger, etc.). There appears to be a clip which is welded to a nut. I don't have any luck tightening OR unloosening the nut or clip.

Has anyone encountered this symptom and does anyone have answer to this needed repair question? AND, what do I need to do or order or replace once the nut/clip is off, provided that those are the sources of the trouble?

Signed, kirkthe11 (tired of reaching in for ice).

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