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There's a pretty good link here with a lot of information I found.

Bosch Dishwasher Control Module (266746)**|**

Interestingly, and also, I contacted Bosch customer service directly. This is how they responded:

We are sorry to hear of the issue with your Bosch dishwasher. While we respect the right for consumers to write 'anything' they wish on blogs, we're sure you have considered that these statements can never be authenticated or validated. Many times remarks are made that are simply untrue or facts are conveniently left out, which will benefit an angry personality.

In response to the issue you're describing, the '2H' is a default that is indicating the previous wash cycle ran longer than it was programmed for. One of the common causes of this is from the type of soap being used (and not necessarily the control board, though it cant be ruled out).

If you have been using liquid or gel tab detergents for a period of time, there may be a simple solution to getting the machine to run normal cycle times. Give the dishwasher a 'vinegar bath', by simply pouring 2 cups of distilled white vinegar into a bowl and placing the bowl face-up in the lower rack (do not add detergent, do not put other dishes in). Then just run a regular wash cycle and allow the vinegar to 'wash' through the system. This will clear the sensors of any filmy residue build up and allow it to start clearly reading the status of the wash again.

Another issue could be a change in the water inlet temperature. If the dishwasher is not reaching the specified temperature for each cycle, the machine will continue running until it does reach temperature. Try running the hot water faucet a few seconds before starting the machine.
This will ensure HOT WATER is getting into the machine. Then sometime in the middle of the cycle slightly open the door. If steam comes out then we know the water is getting hot enough.

We hope our suggestions resolve the 'problem' for you.
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