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Default It Was The Filter....

I have a wonderful Kitchenaid KSRG25FVMS that for the last 6 months has been making ice very slowly. This slowness has crept up over time, I didn't notice the signs: The ice cubes were getting smaller, again you don't notice this since this happens over a period of months. Also since I almost never use the door water dispenser I assumed all was good there since it was dispensing but very slowly.

For the first few years I replaced the filter whenever it beeped at me in the door, this was about every 6 months. One day I got the bright idea to save money by just resetting the filter timer and not replacing the filter. Since it was only used for ice I figured this wouldn't be a problem. This was a bad idea.

Fast forward about 4 months (and it's summer now, I want more ice) and I was getting about 2-3 "harvests" of ice per day....the door water was working (slowly). I used the handy tips on this thread to verify that the LED system was working properly and I even removed the inside ice door that covers the mechanicals since ice cubes (about half size now due to water delivery problems!) were getting stuck on their way to the door bin. So I am at the point where everything should be working fine per the specs and troubleshooting tips in this thread.

Hmmmmm, wonder what would happen if I replaced the filter? Everything is back to normal, tons of normal sized ice, much faster water delivery in the door. I have learned my lesson, replace the dang filter at the proper schedule.

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