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It looks like I’m having the same problems but my refig is a Whirlpool Gold GC5SHEXNS00. The ice marker is filling up, its just not kicking out the ice. Thinking ice was jammed, I removed the ice maker, ran hot water thru it and removed all ice. I reinstalled and check the next day. The ice maker did fill up with water, but still not kicking out the ice. I verified that the black tube was free and not iced up. I then check the volts between the “L” and the “N” and getting exactly 106.6 VAC. Next I borrowed a working ice marker module from another frig, installed and getting same results. The LED light blinks twice, then repeats itself when the freezer door is open. I closed just the emitter door flap...and still blink twice. I then closed the emitter door flap and door switch, the LED turns OFF completely. I watch for about 5 mins and nothing happen. No gears turning. I’m thinking I need a new optic PC board kit (Infrared emitter & receiver) but just want to confirm I’ve done all test and this is likely my problem.

Now the water will not fill the tray since I took it apart and changed out the ice maker module.

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