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Yes I did replace the relay. I followed some advice on an alternate (better) relay and so far 3 months into it, it is working wonderfully. I ordered 2 replacement relays from Digi-Key and with shipping it came to $5.87 (and that was two relays in case I screwed one up!). It took me about 10mins once I had the board in hand. The only trick is you want to make sure the replacement is snug to the board as it is taller than the original and will not allow the housing to close without riding it.

Go to and type in either T7CS5D-06 or digikey p/n PB336-ND and that should bring up a 6VDC-12A relay at $1.90.

As I understand it, the design is bad. The original relay is slightly undersized at 10amps. The replacement is 12amps. Just have to throw in: Not impressed with Bosch (or whoever) not owning up to marginal design.


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