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Originally Posted by realistic View Post
My stackable washer/dryer only spins slow. It do not kick into final fast spin. I have replaced timer,motor&pump. I belive the trans is good beacause it dose spin and only the motor is 2 speed. This only leaves the clutch I think. If that is the case, what is the symptoms of a bad clutch? Or what could my promblem be?

thanks so much !!

You're getting there, a slipping clutch or a dragging brake pad, could cause a slow spin,

Part number: AP2046416

Part number: AP2046416

Part number: AP2046398

Part number: AP2046398

as well as a bent, weak drive coupling, but that usually makes some sort of noise eventually.

The drive system on your washer is very similar to a different manufacturer's so this should help you out,

Replacing direct drive washer brake shoes

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