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Thank you for your advice. Sure enough the red wire into the terminal block had fried. Actually melted at the crimp point on the wire end that was installed. When taking the wires out of the junction box on the wall, the red wire was not wirenutted on properly. Can you imagine! I had a loose 110 wire floating around the junction box!!!! Man. I should have known, I had to spend $2400 rewiring the rest of the house after we moved in. The previous home owner did all the wiring himself and it was not up to code, or safe for that matter. I am willing to tackle alot, but I try to be humble enough to know when my enthusiasm is limited by my knowledge.

Anyway, sorry. Had to vent. The wire had fried off the terminal block and I do have scortching on the case of the stove...should I replace the end and see what works or is there anything else I should check before putting it all back together??
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