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Originally Posted by dicke View Post
A rug came apart during washing and I think the pieces plugged the filter or pump. The washer did not finish the cycle and is full of water.
I removed the rug, and unplugged to reset the timer. It still will not drain.
How do I get to the filter/ pump to clean them? The parts diagrams aren't much help on getting inside.

Yes rugs have a tendency to deteriorate in a washer and clog the pump, especially bathroom rugs/mats, here are the access and removal instructions so you can get to and clean out that pump.

Removing the lower front access panel: 1. Raise the front of the washer and insert a two by four under the front of the washer. 2. Remove the (2) screws holding the panel to the washer base. Pull the panel down and out Removing the drain pump:
1. Disconnect the washer from the electrical supply, remove the front access panel.
Note: Some water will be left in the hoses and pump. 2. Disconnect the inlet sump from the pump 3. Disconnect the outlet hose from the pump. 4. Remove the (2) screws, one on each side, holding the pump housing to the washer base. 4a. Unplug the wires from the pump motor. Disassembling the drain pump: 1. The drain pump check valve is located in the outlet of the pump.
2. Remove the shield by releasing the tab and pulling back on the shield.

Clean out the pump and both hoses, you should be fine as long as the pump motor didn't burn out.

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