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Originally Posted by tombush View Post
Leaking appears to be at the bottom corners of the door (more at the bottom left corner) and a small leak at the top of the door. I installed a new tub gasket and now no more leak at the top of the door but still leaking at the bottom corners of the door (still a more pronounced leak at the bottom left corner) and seems to leak more when I hear the spray bar hitting the door...or what sounds like the spray bar going by the door...of course difficult to confirm with the door closed. Pulled the lower spray bar to make sure no cracks that might be directing a high pressure spray at the door but no cracks found. Should I try running the dishwasher with the lower spray bar removed to confirm the spray bar is not misdirecting high pressure water at the bottom corners of the door? Inspected the middle and upper spray bar and saw no cracks but did not pull these spray bars to test for leaks from areas other than the spray nozzles by running water through them from a faucet (certainly not a high pressure test), but no cracks or leaks found. Pulled the front panel to check for water possibly leaking through the soap dispenser seal and none found nor any saturated insulation. The float appears to be operating properly and the water level comes up to the tub gasket level but does not appear to go above the gasket and I can see the plunger of the float going up and down on the "switch" so believe the float is operating properly and I would think that if the water level was too high I should see leaking across the bottom of the door but only see leaking at the bottom corners of the door. Should I replace the door bottom "baffle seal" although it does not appear that this baffle seal made of hard plastic would be deflecting any water at the bottom corners of the door nor acting as a "water seal" as the baffle seal stop short of side panels of the dishwasher.

Please offer part numbers I should consider ordering and installing or diagnostic tests to try before ordering additional parts. Thanks!

Tom a couple of checks to make, you're on the right track at least.

Is the unit level front to back and is there the proper fill/water level, if the water level is too high or the water level is higher in the front than the back, the spray arm can create a "wave" that can blow through the sides of the door bottom.

It's easier and more indicative, if you use a pair of pliers to hold the lower spray arm in position and run the dishwasher.
(set the lower arm in a position so the ends of the arm point towards the side walls, insert the handle end of a pair of pliers through the lower rack and over the spray arm, so the handle holds the arm in that position, start and run the dishwasher for a few minutes(5 to 10).

I'm sure you'll have it figured out from there.

Good Luck,

Thanks for allowing to assist you,


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