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Thank you for the quick follow-up and feedback. I believe the wife plans to keep the FAV6800AWW machine, so I am currently reviewing the Outer Tub Rebild thread you provided - thank you for this reference.

Regarding the question on the upper One-Way bearing ring, if this is the yellowish/greenish ring that sits on the top, then yes, my series 16 machine has this ring on top. This is where I initially saw the heavy rust that seems to be coming from the tub seal. After soaking with a little WD-40, wiping dry, then soaking in a little PB Blaster, it now seems to rotate fine within the rest of the assembly. The metal pin on the end of the spring is broken, thus the need for a replacement. I have all of the pieces noted in your series of pictures.

So, if you purchase the 4310552, do you no longer use the upper One-Way bearing ring, or do you simply attach this to the new clutch, so that it fits like the previous one did? Sorry if this is already obvious but I'm not sure I follow the previous discussions on this. I just want to make sure that I'm not purchasing more than I need to.

Thank you, Brian
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