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Water inlet valves tested as per service manual.Tried new Pressure switch, no change. Tested Dispenser switch & motor (as per manual-Tested okay).Drain pump motor-0 ohms on scale,15 ohms on continunity scale.Door unlock/lock solenoids-#3-2, 60 ohms, #3-1,.123Kohms. Door lock main switchs 5-4 & 2-1-0 ohms. Door switch open & closed-0 ohms. The original problem is would not complete cycles. Code F-12 (no drain) will show. Sometimes water in drum. Sometimes door would unlock, other times would not unlock ( both with and without water left in drum). After pushing pause twice, system would not reset. Sometimes rinse/drain would work & other times not. Occaisionly machine would work fine. Pump was checked for obstructions, was spotlessly clean, so was pressure tube. Please check prior entry's for more info.
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