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Originally Posted by BPWAY View Post
Just took apart our whirlpool duet washer model GHW9160PW0 due to the front tub separating from the basket. It was taken apart from the front. I am shocked at the mold on the outside of the basket and rear tub. The bearing looks ok but I will need to order the front tub part 8181825. I also need 2 or 3 clamps from the shock absorber, can you order just the clamps? I only see part 8181646 which seems like the entire thing.

Also when I put it back together and attach the basket to the springs, is this done from front of the washer or do I need to take the back off also?

Will whirlpool even cover any of these parts? I'm shocked that it broke already and how bad it smells! Is that normal for so much mold and detergent build up to be in the back of the tub?

Don't quite inderstand "2 or 3 clamps for the shock absorber"

The tub is held in position by four shock absorbers,
two in front, and two at the back.
Each shock absorber can be disconnected from
the tub by turning the top of the shock mount
counter clockwise, 90. The shock can be removed
from the washer by turning the bottom
shock mount counterclockwise, 90.

Yes, it is not uncommon to have a build up residue and "mold" in the rear of the outer tub, and in some cases on the tub front cover.

It's also an indication of too much detergent or the improper type of detergent and chemical usage. but there is a cleaning product available for this situation.

Part number: AP4320043

Part number: AP4320043

All the repairs you're indicating can be performed from the front of the washer, but the rear shocks will be a bit difficult, and you may want to remove the rear panel.

If your washer is more than 1 year old, you're out of the factory warranty, but you may want to give it a "shot", it can't hurt.

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