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Originally Posted by sidfink43 View Post
If it also will not spin, check the coupling. This video will show you how.

YouTube - Washing Machine Drive Motor Coupler Replacement (part #285753A)
Hi, the link is awesome. very helpful. But looks like the problem is diff now (& amy apologies for a lonnnng response here. Just trying to explain as much possible).

I tried running the machine again today before touching internals and it suddenly stopped all together. The moter which was running before and making sounds, everything went quite.

I still think that motor is not the problem bECAUSE when I turn the Machine ON, I see a fluctuation in the light bulb in my laundry room but no sounds.

I then went ahead and opened the machine per above video and removed the motor. My question here is:

1. After pulling the motor out, the portion of coupler that remains attached to the machine's body (most probably to the gearcase assembly), can I rotate that portion by hand or will that be STIFF because it is hooked to gearcase?

2. Secondly, If alternatively, I rotate the agitator in the tub, should I see this part of the coupler assembly also move?

My assumtion is that it is jammed right now and I hope it is not the gearcase assembly. If any ideas can be suggested it will be very much helpful before I buy the gearcase.


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