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Hello. The heating element is located in the bottom of the dishwasher on the sump assembly. You will need to uninstall the dishwasher to remove it. They are a little hard to get to. Here are the manufacture instructions. Hope this helps.
Heater s & NTC’s – Access (1)
To remove outer door:
��Remove six (6) T-20 Torx screws from inner door below fascia panel (three (3) per side).
��Carefully pull bottom of outer door out from dishwasher until top door tabs clear, then pull door down until it releases from dishwasher. Take care to not scratch outer door.
��Remove two (2) plastic door guards. They can fall out when the outer door is removed.
The heater & NTC can be accessed or measured from the right side of the dishwasher, but can only be removed by dropping the entire base (by flipping the dishwasher on its back) since they are wedged underneath the tank.
To separate base from tank (1):
��Carefully lay dishwasher on its back.
��Carefully pull door springs out from base.
��Remove terminal blocks from base.
��Separate water valve from base by removing two (2) T-20 Torx screws, then move water valve out of the way.
Disconnect J-box ground wire, then pull wires out of J-box.
��Pull out inlet hose from sump.
��Carefully pull base away from tank and sump.

Removing & Installing Heater & NTC:
��Remove two (2) T-20 Torx screws holding heater assembly to sump.
��Disconnect wires from heater, flow switch, NTC & Hi-Limit after noting connections.
��Pull clips, then carefully pull heater assembly from sump & pump. Note heater comes as an assembly (with housing & gasket).
Remove heater assembly --NTC is located on top of heater assembly.
��Disconnect wires after noting connections (since NTC & Hi-Limit are included in the same part --# 165281).
��Remove NTC cover, pull NTC holding tabs apart and pull NTC out of heater.

Thanks for allowing to assist you,

Jeff K. / APP TEAM

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