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Default Compactor drawer won't open
Brand: Kitchen Aid   Age: 1 - 5 years   

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This is second post, first disappeared in cyberspace.

Compactor is a Kitchen Aid KUC583FTSS0 less than two years old. No prior problems, nor with any other over the last 30 years.

Trash was dumped two days prior with light use since and what was in there was not compacted as it was only about a quarter full. It was normally used a couple of times today for small stuff. This evening went to throw in trash and the drawer would only come out 2"-3" and hit a dead stop. Blockage is at the rear near the rear rollers as the drawer can be lifted at the front but pivots at the rear. Leveraging the front doesn't lift the rear. There is no access from the bottom as that panel only reveals the chain and sprocket and the panel beneath that is inaccessible. I've run the ram several times, which functions normally, but obviously has no effect on what is stopping the rear of the drawer.

How do I get the darned thing open? I've put it on its back and front, which has no effect. Force has no effect except to flex the front outward at the top. How do I get in there to eliminate obstruction?

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