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Here are your parts
Replacement parts for WHIRLPOOL GEQ9800PW1 27`` ELECTRIC DRYER |

The most common cause for your symptoms is a partially plugged vent system.
Unplug the unit and disconnect it from the vent system.
Now try a run.
If it now dries OK odds are the vent system needs checking/cleaning.
Be sure to check that the louvers on the outside of the house open correctly.

If you do not want any lint in the house.
Take a pair of pantyhose.
Put one leg into the other and then attach this to the dryer's vent.
Leave enough room so the pantyhose can balloon out like a windsock.

Both the above will let you check the temperature and the air flow.

So far I have checked the heating element itself for any breaks and with meter. Checks out fine.
Did you check to see if it was grounded?
Both heater connections should measure infinite ohms to the case/frame when disconnected from the wiring.
Depending how it grounds it can cause low heat and the thermostat cannot regulate it.

Then I suspected I had found the problem in the internal bias thermostat because I read somewhere that 2 of the leads on it should read 0 ohms and it did and the other set should read 7 ohms and it didn't.
The thermostat's internal heater should be approximately 5,000 ohms.
In any case it being open will not cause your problem.
It would give you a symptom of no low heat.
FYI: This heater is turned on for lower temperature settings. It adds heat to the thermostat causing it to turn off more often. This results in a lower dryer heat output.
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