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Originally Posted by dj okay View Post
Can someone tell me how to replace this part? It has gone out twice before on this Jenn-Air side-by-side and now is doing the same thing (freezer frosts up and neither freezer nor frig are cold enough). Is this something I can repair myself?

THREE times in less than 9 years!?!?! Is this common?

This is a repair you should be able to perform yourself.

(See the instructions below).

As for failure rate, in the beginning, it was rather high.

But they have, made many updates and improvements over the years.
( the replacement board , may not look like your present control, at all, but it will work).

Part number: AP4070403

Part number: AP4070403

When you perform the repair, you should check all the wires, and connections on the new control board,

(Something I do, take some di electric grease, and put a thin coat on both sides of the connector( pin side and wire insertion side) then plug it onto the new board)and clean up any residue.

With an on going problem, like yours, you may also want to check the wattage and amperage of the compressor when it is running in a cooling mode, or at least the voltage.

Voltage should be a minimum of 107 VAC.
Amperage should be 1.2 to 2.0 amps, (once the compressor has run for a few(5 to 10) minutes.
And the wattage should be 140 to 170 watts.
(A, + or - 10 %, would be within factory spec.)

*** though these instructions are titled "Timer Replacement", the procedure is the same for the ADC(adaptive defrost control) board.

Good Luck,

Timer Replacement
1. Disconnect the unit from the power
2. Open the fresh food door and remove
any items on the top shelf.
3. Remove the light shield cover by pulling
down on the back corners of the

cover and sliding the cover forward.
4. Remove the fascia/radiant shield
mounting screws. Remove the control
housing mounting screw at the back of
the control housing. Slide the control
housing to the right and lower it from
the control housing supports.
5. Disconnect the temperature control
housing electrical quick disconnects.
6. Remove the temperature control housing
from the refrigerator and place on a
flat work surface.
7. Remove the two timer mounting
8. Disconnect the electrical connector
from the timer.
9. Install the replacement timer in reverse

order of removal.

The adaptive defrost control assembly is a
microprocesser controlled defrost timer.
This new control allows defrost to occur
only when needed, compared to mechanical
timers which defrost at a preset interval
whether it is necessary or not. The new
control will continually adjust defrost intervals
based on the amount of time the defrost
heater is energized. This allows the
defrost intervals to be adjusted closer to
the optimum defrost interval based on use,

thus saving energy.
Thanks for allowing to assist you,


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