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Smile Baffle Shape and Kit Part Numbers

Hi Leonard,

My pending order lists the baffle kit as follows:

"AP3769371 (285976) - Baffle kit, 3 pack"

Therefore, the part number that Whirlpool gave you seems to jive with the above information. As for part numbers listed on other sites, I observed different numbers, as well. I must assume that those are "in house" SKU or otherwise, part numbers.

As far as the differences in shape, I would have to guess that the replacement baffles are either a design improvement, or they are the type now being used in the new Duet washers. If you really want to find out if this is the case, then you might want to stop by a local dealer and take an up-close look at the current models.

By the way, I looked at the baffles in my dryer, and they are straight, much taller, and much thinner than the washer baffles.

I hope this helps.

-- Lynn

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