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Default Part numbers?

Lynn, et al.,
What is the part number for the new baffle replacement kit? AppliancePartsPro lists AP3769371, while what appears to be a sister site at ******** lists PT11308113. Neither of this look exactly like the baffle I have in my GHW9100LW2 washer. They look close, but the ones pictures taper to a much narrower profile that the one I have (which is almost rectangular by comparison).

I managed to snap one of mine off trying to snag an errant quarter. When I did so I also managed to jam the drum, so I am glad to see that the mounting screw was likely not installed (the mounting screw hole looks brand new). I freed up the drum by rotating it the other direction so all is well on that front.

If Lynn, Dave or Pegi could confirm the part number, or if Lynn can confirm that her baffle also looks different, I will be placing an order today.
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