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Originally Posted by debryan View Post
Hi Joe,
OK So I found the light on the infrared light very inconsistant.
Mostly flashing twice, pauseing between. No change after closing flapper on the left.

Found the black filler hose and it did feel frozen.
Took my hair dryer to it for 5 minutes.
Not a drip, but infrared started 2 short 1 long and steady on when flapper closed.
Now back to 2 flashes.
Maybe the line is frozen up in the ceiling?
What do you think?



It wouldn't be the first time the fill tube froze, back in the ceiling area, I'd have to believe it's due to the circumstances and not a void in the insulation.

The two flashes on the reciever board, indicate a bad optics circuit.

"2 pulses, repeated once, indicates optics are defective
repeat step one and replace both boards."

Part number: AP3137510

Part number: AP3137510

Try this,

Unplug the power cord , or turn power off to the fridge for 5 minutes, power it back up and re do the optics test.

If you still have the two flashes, replace the optic boards.

Thanks for allowing to assist you,


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