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There are two things that commonly cause this washer to be noisy.

One is that the sifter coil has failed. The sifter is what amounts to a large solenoid that engages or should I say disengages a gear. When the sifter coil is activated it disengages a gear that allows the agitator to move separately from the spin basket. When the sifter coil is not activated the agitator and the spin basket will be locked together. When the sifter fails the spin basket will turn during agitation mode. When this happens you will hear a knocking noise each time the motor changes directions because the brackets will hit from the force of a full tub of water rotating back and forth.

The other is the sagging apron issue. This will typically cause a squealing noise. These two problems often go hand and hand because when the sifter fails there is a tremendous amount of stress put on the machine. Donít get me wrong the sagging apron issue on some models will happen no matter what due to a manufacture defect but the sifter problem will make this a problem sooner rather than later. To see if you have the sagging apron issue set the washer to full water level, remove the front of the washer and start a cycle. Once agitation starts look under the motor and see if the motor bracket is hitting the bottom of the washer causing a squealing noise.

This page talks about the sagging apron issue and also how to test the sifter coil GE HydroWave Noisy Washer Repair Guide

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