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Originally Posted by dcommon View Post
There is a hairline crack in the lower left corner of my cooktop. Is it necessary to replace the entire cooktop or is there another alternative?
If a replacement is necessary can my husband do it? Where could we get instructions for replacing the cooktop?
Thanks for your help.

Sorry, but there are no other safe alternatives,

For safety sake , you should replace the cooktop assembly(it's all one piece).

The glas portion of the cooktop, is a heat resistant temperred safety glass,
and there is a possibility of it shatterring, and caving in, when your cooking,and creating more damage to the range and yourself.
It's an expensive part, but a somewhat easy repair.

Part number: AP4482718

Part number: AP4482718

Here are some general, basic instructions from the service manual,
Remember to label and mark any wires or components you remove or disconnect.



When you work on the electric
range, be careful when handling the sheet
metal parts. Sharp edges may be present, and
you can cut yourself if you are not careful.
1. Turn off the electrical supply going to the
2. Open the oven door.
3. Remove the two cooktop bracket screws
from the bottom front of the cooktop.
4. Pull the cooktop forward far enough to

unhook it from the top of the range.
5. Lift the front of the cooktop and rest it
against the control panel. CAUTION: Be
careful that the cooktop does not accidentally

fall forward.

To remove an element and limiter:
a) Remove the wires from the element
and limiter terminals.
b) Remove the element bracket screw
(shown above) for the element and
limiter you are servicing.
c) If you are removing the center element
and limiter, remove the screw from the
hot surface indicator bracket and remove
the indicator.
d) Carefully lift the bottom of the bracket
just far enough to remove the element.
NOTE: If you are removing an element
at the top of the bracket, remove the
lower element first, lay it on top of the
range, and then remove the top element
from the bracket.
e) Remove the screws from the limiter
and remove it from the element. NOTE:
Be careful when you remove the limiter

that you do not break the sensor tube.

REASSEMBLY NOTE: When you reinstall the
element and limiter, make sure that the alignment
pins are inserted into the correct bracket
slots, (see the photo to the right) then reinstall

the bracket screw to secure it to the cooktop.


To remove the cooktop glass assembly:
a) Remove the two screws from the hot
surface indicator assembly bracket and
remove the assembly from the frame.
b) Carefully lift the bottom of the left bracket
just far enough to remove the bottom
element, then repeat the procedure for
the bottom right and center elements.
Lay each of the elements on top of the
c) Lift the brackets and remove the top
two elements and lay them on top of the
d) Lift the element brackets and unhook
them from the top of the cooktop.
e) Remove the old cooktop glass assembly

from the range.

REASSEMBLY NOTE: When reinstalling the
elements in the new cooktop glass assembly,
make sure that the alignment pins are in their

correct bracket slots.

Thanks for allowing to assist you,


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