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Originally Posted by izmirlim View Post
About couple months ago outer door glass shattered. I've ordered new one whivh I installed it yesterday. I used the oven last night did not have any issues/and or problems. I woke up this morning and found the new outer glass was shattered again.

My question is this; Less than 24 hours new outer glass door shattered also. What caused to that happened? I've ordered the glass from there was no visible damage to glass when I received and installed it.
Before I pay another $70 dollars for the new glass I'w like to know what might be the problem.

Did anyone have same problem like I had? What would be the wise next step?
Part number was: W10200754

There are several possibiliies,

The glass itself, it is a temperred, safety glass and can be delicate,(sometimes you can hit it with a hammer and no problem, other times you can drop a dime on it, and it will shatter.

DO NOT overtighten the mounting screws, and make sure any, and all old glass shards,are removed and no debris is left on any attachment parts/points.

Also check and make sure there are no leaks from the inner door glass, liner,or insulation in the door assembly.

Thanks for allowing to assist you,


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