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Here are your parts
Replacement parts for KENMORE 11063952101 |

Here is the tech sheet, see attachment.

The element gets red hot but doesn't stay on the whole time.
Not sure what you mean. It is normal for te element to turn on/off during the cycle. It is either full on or full off.

Read more: not drying

Try diagnostics to see if anything comes up.

The unit uses a thermistor to sense the temperature so I would check it with a meter.

Could be you are running off the high limit and may also have a grounded element.

I would do the following first just to be 100% sure you do not still have a venting problem.
Undo the dryer from the exhaust
Run a load
If the load dries correctly then you have a vent problem.
Clean/check the vent system. Make sure the outside louvers open fully.

If you do not want lint in the house.
Take a pair of pantyhose, put one leg into the other and attach this to the dryer exhaust.
Leave enough room behind the dryer so it can blow out like a windsock.
Run a load.

Both the above will allow you to check the air flow and temp.
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