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I have a LG Tromm Front Loading Washing Machine. It does not drain the water from tub, which in turn it does not spin the drum. If i manually drain it, it spins. I checked the filter and found nothing in it, checked the drain hose for blockage, and it was clear. So i figured it was the pump. Took it apart, and got the drain pump off. didnt find anything that would impede the impeller's spinning function. So i plugged the motor in and ran through the washing macine test cycle for the drain pump. The impeller spins freely. Maybe i dislodged something when i was removing the pump and now it works? or could the pump stil be bad? any advice is appreciated. TIA

Ok, so I put it back together and still not draining.

Although the pump was working, without any load, could it be that its weak and with load it would fail??
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