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Thanks again, Nat!

I don't have the old units part number on me, but it's 1996 year Kenmore 27" stackable. The whole chassis is EXACTLY like the Frigidaire unit, only exterior difference is the control panel and lack of the smal fluorescent light above the washer lid on the Frigidaire unit.

I probably could spend a ton of time and little money fixing the old unit, but I already spent hours trying to take it apart in our tiny condo and I wasn't too successful except making the dryer work better. I did clean out the whole venting system and relieved it of any clogs for certain, and the blower works perfectly, maybe the coils were getting old and not conduting as well as they could have, thus not getting hot enough.

The agitator wasn't the only issue, but sometimes the spin cycle wouldn't get enough speed to wring out the clothes very well and sometimes the clothes would still be dripping soaking wet after a standard cycle and 3/4 size load. Maybe something to do with the valving? I'm not sure. Could be the reason the dryer wasn't effectively drying the clothes.

I just know that after so much time working on it, I had to give up cause I was fighting a losing battle and we have a laundromat in our complex luckily.

Sure I'll have to spend some time trouble-shooting this new unit, luckily I know wiring fairly well and I hope I can find the problem and hope I don't spend hours upon hours on it.

If anything, I can trace wires in the old unit to compare if the schematic isn't too forthcoming on answers for me, haha.

I'll post the number of the old unit tonight when i get home, but don't worry about spending any of your time on it, it's been pretty well beat up.

If I find the wiring issue tonight, I'll definetly post with the results in case this ever happens to anyone.

Wish me luck!

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