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yeah, I'm wondering what the hell they did to this thing.

The old one's agitator isn't really repairable anymore, too many monkeys that didn't know what they were doing screwed up the agitator. The top clamp nut has basically a clutch washer that was stripped/worn. So they decided to JB weld the top part in place to the spindle. The JB weld broke at the spindle, but the top part is impossible to get off now.

I chiseled away at it and could see the threads on the spindle where the pem-nut was pressed into the top cap were all chewed up, thus the reason for the JB I'm guessing. Instead of replacing a $20 cap, they basically ruined the spindle and cap and made it unrepairable unless the whole bucket/agitato is replaced.

I wanted to take the washer apart and dissasemble the bucket and clean it good, but it's damn near impossible to get the side covers off to get to things.

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